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Feb 17 2023   


A reminder of the contractual obligations for Publicity under the IATSE 667 Collective Agreement HERE.

Mar 11 2022  IA667 Publicists IMDB Lobby

Make sure your audience finds you. Hire an IATSE Local 667 Unit Publicist.  Unit Publicists Brochure (PDF) 

Local 667 Unit Publicists are content creators who, beginning in prep, develop, produce, and execute publicity activities, providing early branding and recognition for a project. At the centre of the PR wheel, a unit publicist’s on-site activities during principal photography lay the crucial groundwork of a successful publicity and marketing launch campaign. By working closely with studios, networks, distributors, streaming services, unit still photographers, EPK/BTS and social media units, filmmakers and cast and their reps, a unit publicist generates valuable media and marketing assets required to promote feature film and television productions.  From media releases to press kits, gallery and key art photo shoots, and junkets—be they virtual or in person—a unit publicist generates the necessary materials to garner recognition for your project.  

Click here to watch "Unit Publicist", a segment created by IATSE Local 600 to promote the role and importance of hiring a Publicist.