October 5 2017

It's been many years in the making. Eight innovative companies joined forces, earned your trust, focused on making your project great, while winning several prestigious awards along the way. The eight companies, and their personalized service, were built on a foundation of outstanding entrepreneurs that are now collaborating under a common banner, and a new name.

We're very excited to reveal the new name and invite you to join us in the city of your choice for the unveiling on October 19 2017 read more here.

July 6, 2017

The Perryscope was invented by our very own IATSE 667 member - Director of Photography, Perry Hoffman read about it here.

May 17, 2017

I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 is proud to announce, in conjunction with Food Banks Canada, that we are taking part in Every Plate Full, a national food and fund-raising challenge open to IATSE locals and their members from now to June 9th, and taking place in more than 80 communities across Canada. Our collective goal with the help of all Canadian I.A.T.S.E. locals is to provide the resources to supply over 300,000 meals to Canadians who will turn to food banks this summer.  Last year our goal was 200,000 meals and we attained a tally of 236,000.   Of the 1 million Canadians requiring the assistance of food banks, 37% of those will be children. 

This is the third national initiative between Food Banks Canada and a national union and it is an opportunity for the I.A.T.S.E. and our locals to really shine by raising our profile locally and nationally. 

For every $$ donated by an IATSE 667 member, we will match it up to a maximum of $5,000.00

To go directly to the Team IATSE 667 site, please click here   


May 2, 2017

WGA Update

The Writers Guild of America and the producers, the AMPTP, have reached an agreement on a new contract. The possible strike has been averted. The agreement will still need to be ratified by each side which will take a few weeks. I will pass along any new information I get as to the status of the agreement.




 Feb 22 2017 


The Coldest Night of the Year is a walk that raises money for folks in our community who need our help. Some of them hungry, more than a few hurting and regrettably, some who are homeless too. Adults, moms and kids, seniors and youth as well.

The IATSE Canadian office has registered a team to fundraise and walk in the event with me.  This is for our locals and members who appreciate the challenge of a good, chilly winter walk and working towards a great cause. Please join us in making a difference for members of our community who need it the most! 

Here's how: Visit the IATSE team page and register now at this link: 

Registration takes place on Saturday, February 25, 2017 between 4:00pm and 5:00pm at Ryerson University's Kerr Hall West Gymnasium - 379 Victoria Street (Southeast corner of Yonge and Gerrard).  Look for signs towards Kerr Hall WEST and the #379 under the bridge, off Victoria Street south of Gerrard. 

If you can't join us, you can still help by sponsoring the IATSE team in this event. To sponsor the IATSE Team by making a secure donation online, click this link: 

We encourage you to come out wearing your IATSE gear.  There is no limit to the amount of people who can walk with our team.  

Thanks for your help! 

John Morgan Lewis, International Vice President/Director of Canadian Affairs I.A.T.S.E.



December 2nd, 2016                   

Pressure is mounting on the U.S. government to more closely scrutinize China’s growing ownership of Hollywood’s film industry. As detailed in the Los Angeles Times below, in an open letter this week Senate Minority Leader-elect Charles E. Schumer said China’s protectionist policies have put American companies at a significant disadvantage in the world’s most populous country, even as Chinese companies like Dalian Wanda Group reap the benefits of the U.S.’s open market. 

The LA-based trades trumpeted the news this week that a seventh television series will relocate to California after receiving tax credits. As detailed in the Times below, Ballers, the HBO series starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shot its first two seasons in Miami, but will produce its third, 10-episode season in LA after being approved to receive $8.3 million in tax credits.

There was pushback this week against the film and television tax credits that have made New York a production powerhouse. An editorial in the New York Post called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to end "Hollywood giveaways", given that state tax revenues have fallen more than $1 billion behind projections since the current state budget was adopted eight months ago.

That same editorial praised Cuomo for using his veto power to quash a $50 million tax-credit bill designed to boost music production jobs. As detailed in Billboard below, the Governor said he was supportive of the bill, which was passed last June, but "he just didn’t know how it would be paid for".

Sony Screen Gems made the news this week for its innovative partnership with Snapchat on a first-ever 3D Interactive lens which uses a smartphone’s gyroscope to build an immersive 360-degree Underworld-themed environment. As detailed in Deadline below, the lens will be used to reach Snapchat’s 150M-plus daily users and allows Screen Gems to communicate directly with Snapchatters.

Finally this week, an Associated Press article that was syndicated in newspapers across the globe took a look at on-set injuries and determined that since 1990, at least 43 people have died on sets in the U.S. and more than 150 have been left with life-altering injuries. As detailed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution below, injuries come not just from obvious risks such as stunts and explosives, but from falls off ladders, toppled equipment and machines without safety guards


  Put the Nova Scotia Film Industry Back to Work  



Sony Pictures 2014 Cyberattack

Dear Members: 

If you have received the following notice, we have confirmed with the IATSE and Sony Pictures that this is a legitimate document.

 Please read it carefully and take any action you deem necessary.   Thank you

IATSE Safety Hotline 

DO YOU NEED A PUBLICIST? YES, and here's why!


One of those roles that’s often misunderstood or under-appreciated is that of the unit publicist, a publicist who focuses on a film’s production. See the full article

DO YOU NEED A COLOURIST? YES, and here's why!

 A good colorist is capable of (within reason) making your footage match perfectly from shot to shot, and they are often a great second set of eyes to give you a new perspective on what your project is about and how it can look its best. See the video  






MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION CANADA - The Voice and Advocate for the Major International Producers and Distributors of Movies, Home Entertainment and TV Programming in Canada


This list is aggregated based on services available to users in Canada. While the set of services offering movies and TV shows differ by country, several of these are available in multiple countries.  

When workers get together and stand up for fairness, they get results. Together, working people have  won decent wages, safer workplaces, fair treatment and benefits like paid vacation time, job training, and insurance coverage for things like glasses, dental care, and medicine that keep them healthy and productive.

They didn’t stop there. What they got at work, they got for everybody else by standing together and demanding more from the people they elected to boards, councils and legislatures. That’s how we all got some of the things most of us take for granted today – minimum wages, statutory holidays, paid vacation time, public health insurance, public pensions, weekends, etc.

Together, working people built Canada’s middle class and created a country with fairness as one of its fundamental values.