November 13 2018

CRA / ARC: Film and Media Industry: Find out more about residency guidelines and working in Canada temporarily
Federal and provincial film and media tax credits are important to the film and video production industry and to the Canadian economy overall. 
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recognizes the importance of ensuring that claimants understand the requirements of the film and media tax credit programs (federal and provincial), in particular the residency requirement, so that they can file compliant claims.

 As a result of working in consultation with the film and media industry, the CRA has produced two fact sheets (also available as printable PDFs) on residency status guidelines and working in Canada temporarily, outlined below:

 Residency Guidelines         Clarifies the difference between factual and deemed residents and advises on supporting documentation for residency status

 Resident Status and Tax Obligations         Addresses working in Canada temporarily and explains how income tax obligations are based on residency status, not on citizenship or immigration status

* Note: The guidelines for residency status and temporary employment in Canada have not changed; the Agency has published these new documents to explain the existing rules. 

 Click these links to find out more about  residency guidelines and  working in Canada temporarily

October 22, 2018 Ontario Municipal Elections listing of the election web sites, for polls that will be held throughout the province

September 11, 2018  Studio Space Update

April 2, 2018

The Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct to Prevent and Respond to Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Violence.

Attached is a national code of conduct that has been created with the unions, guilds, producers, agencies broadcasters and funders from across the country to address the issues of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence that have been so much in the news and our workplaces.  This code of conduct will be in effect across the country. It is hoped that with the education and reporting tools coming out of this initiative, along with the code of conduct, that we can address many of the issues around diversity, inequity and harassment and to ensure every workplace is one where safety, respect and professionalism are the norm. 

The Canadian office of IATSE and reps from across the country have been part of the proceedings and fully endorses this document and processes being discussed and established.   IATSE is pleased to take this positive step forward, and look forward to working in a more equal, respectful and professional creative industry. 

Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct

March 27, 2018

IATSE Safety Info App

On behalf of John M. Lewis, International Vice President & Director of Canadian Affairs: 

The IATSE Safety Info App is an information reference and hazard reporting tool for IATSE members. The application provides important safety information, such as safety hotline telephone numbers, industry-specific safety bulletins and articles, and a form for reporting hazards/harassment encountered on the worksite.  When reporting, you have the option to remain anonymous if you so choose. 

We are pleased to announce that the latest update includes the ability to switch to a French-language option.  The app is currently available for both  iOS and  Android devices. 

March 12, 2018 


Achievement in Cinematography | Meilleures images
Nicolas Bolduc – Hochelaga, Land of Souls I Hochelaga, Terre Des Ames
Best Cinematography in a Feature Length Documentary | Meilleures images dans un long métrage documentaire
Alfonso Maiorana– Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World
Best Photography, Comedy
Gerald Packer - Schitt’s Creek – Grad Night
CBC (CBC) (Not A Real Company Productions, Inc.)
Best Photography, Drama
Steve Cosens - Cardinal
CTV (Bell Media) (JCardinal Productions Inc.)

March 8. 2018

International Women's Day - March 8 2018

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Today, IWD belongs to all groups collectively everywhere. IWD is not country, group or organization specific.  Make IWD your day an everyday. 

In a year that has seen remarkable changes in our industry, today, on International Women's Day, IATSE 667 would like to acknowledge all of the female members, past and present and the contributions and achievements they have made to our union and our industry.

We know that the obstacles and struggles faced by women in other parts of the film industry have not bypassed or excluded our members, that the hurdles that women face in all parts of society are particularly high in what has been traditionally a male dominated profession. While the reality and scars of harassment, inequity and exclusion linger, change has happened and more is coming. Sometimes incrementally, sometimes in a great rush, but change is happening - and we can see it.   

We have more women in membership, more women in leadership roles and more women participating in the life ofour local. With more female DP's in particular but also increases in most other categories, we can see the tide rising, and as the old saying goes, when the tide rises, all boats float. 

While much of the recent focus has been on sexual harassment of women and respect in the workplace, the real push must be for diversity and gender parity.   Women, men, minorities and the LGBTQ community will all benefit when we have truly equitable workplaces. 

The various movements - #Metoo, #AfterMetoo, #Timesup, the initiatives and organizations - Women in View, CUES (Canadian Unions for Equity on Screen), The Canadian Creative Industries Roundtable, WiFT (Women in Film and Television) as well as the personal stories being shared are all testament to the momentum and willingness to effect real change not only in our sector but across society.

IATSE and IATSE 667 has been playing an active role in these developments, participating in seminars, roundtables and discussions. We have partnered with a number of groups, giving financial support to projects like the WiFT's Women Making Waves conference, and offering targeted education/training opportunities. We are also offering respectful workplace training across the jurisdiction.

Another important partnering is with the group Women in View and their new toolkit "Media Plus" - women + diversity = the big picture. The toolkit is intended to offer ideas and resources to help everyone in the industry increase diversity and bring equity to all - on and off-screen. Because, as the editor of the project, Martha Greene, states "...diversity equals specificity, which means authenticity, which reflects both our reality and our universality. If our goal as content creators is to tell real stories about real people, this is where we must begin." 

Go to to see and download your copy.

With today's release of the Canadian Creative Industry's code of conduct, we are further committing Local 667 to a path of positivity. Born out of the national roundtable discussions last fall with all sectors of the industry - unions, guilds, agencies, broadcasters and funders, the code of conduct will be in effect across the country. It is hoped that with the education and reporting tools coming out of this initiative, along with the code of conduct, that we can address many of the issues around diversity, inequity and harassment.

We are also excited to announce that, following the lead of many of the unions and guilds across the country, 667 is forming a Women's Committee, to serve as a resource and support to female members. More details will be announced in the coming weeks, but it is hoped that this group will provide the members with networking and mentorship opportunities, outreach and activism and a distinct voice within our ranks. 

For 667, we support any of the initiatives that allow our members to flourish in their chosen career.   We will undertake whatever steps required to protect and support the membership in matters around harassment, bullying and equity. In our contracts we have the following language:

The Company shall ensure a Workplace Violence & Harassment policy is in place and all Employees are advised of said policy. This Policy is to include definitions of Workplace Violence & Harassment as well as lines of communication in the event an Employee witnesses or is subject to Workplace Violence & Harassment. 

On productions and production related job sites, it is the productions responsibility to create a safe environments. When issues arise, your union will be there to help and guide you through the process. Talk to your team members, your board reps, the staff at the union office. Let us know if you are having issues. See something, say something. Only by reporting and acting on these matters can we start to affect change. 

This International Women's Day will see the launch of a number of great initiatives across the country and around the world. Let's all pledge to enact and uphold these efforts, and keep in mind the ten values that guide the International Women's Day 

Justice, Dignity, Hope, Equality, Collaboration, Tenacity, Appreciation, Respect, Empathy, Forgiveness

And let us recognize, support, honor and celebrate the important and impressive achievements of women within the union movement, locally and globally.

January 17, 2018

Congratulations to our Directors of Photography who have been nominated for the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards, and congratulations to our membership who worked on the many 667 productions that were nominated.  Please see the attached list.

January 11, 2018

Congratulations on your ASC nomination!  

Motion Picture, Miniseries, or Pilot Made for Television
Serge Desrosiers, CSC
Sometimes the Good Kill, Lifetime 

Episode of a Series for Commercial Television
David Greene, ASC, CSC
12 Monkeys ("Mother"), Syfy

Boris Mojsovski, CSC
12 Monkeys ("Thief"), Syfy

January 4, 2018 - Ottawa-Gatineau - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

The CRTC today launched a survey to better understand why Canadians are consuming content in different ways. This survey is part of the CRTC's consultation on the future of programming distribution in Canada. Click here to access the survey and here for further information

October 5 2017

It's been many years in the making. Eight innovative companies joined forces, earned your trust, focused on making your project great, while winning several prestigious awards along the way. The eight companies, and their personalized service, were built on a foundation of outstanding entrepreneurs that are now collaborating under a common banner, and a new name.

We're very excited to reveal the new name and invite you to join us in the city of your choice for the unveiling on October 19 2017 read more here.

July 6, 2017

The Perryscope was invented by our very own IATSE 667 member - Director of Photography, Perry Hoffman read about it here.

Sony Pictures 2014 Cyberattack

Dear Members: 

If you have received the following notice, we have confirmed with the IATSE and Sony Pictures that this is a legitimate document.

 Please read it carefully and take any action you deem necessary.   Thank you

IATSE Safety Hotline 

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