I.A.T.S.E., Local 667 is committed to providing the membership with regular training and seminars to ensure we remain on the leading edge of technology and provide production companies with highly skilled camera people who are not only professional, but proficient in the use of all camera systems.

Training Program for Camera Trainees

Sample Camera Trainee Applicant Resume (WORD) 

OHSA and WHMIS is mandatory certification when applying to IATSE 667.
OHSA on-line training here: (free) 

WHMIS 2015 on-line training here: ($15) 
OR ($10)

For Northern Ontario, Ottawa, and Atlantic provinces applicants, please contact our IATSE 667 office for more information.  


In conjunction with industry service & equipment providers, I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 organizes a number of seminars throughout the year to allow the I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 membership the opportunity to learn new skills and/or equipment, or to refresh or enhance their skills. We try to schedule these seminars during times when production has slowed down in order to optimize attendance and availability for all interested members. 

For several years, seminars have been held at rental houses offering intensive training on all the camera systems (i.e. The RED, Alexa, Genesis, Panasonic, Sony, Panavision and Arriflex). Special seminars that range from 3D, Workflow, Virtual Camera, Motion Control, High Definition to Vista Vision and all technology in between have been offered.

In keeping with the latest technology, we have added digital work flow and how the new data is managed on set. The ever-changing world of 3D production and the new technology that is introduced on a regular basis requires continuous skills upgrading. 3D information sessions for Producers, Directors, ADs and Production Managers have been developed to keep everyone in pace with these rapid technological changes. 

The camera trainee program has been revised and enhanced over the years. Currently we have added an instructional clinic on Darkroom Procedures which will be held at scheduled intervals for trainees who are on their fourth to sixth production placement. There is also a practical exam that all camera trainees must pass prior to upgrading to 2nd assistants. 

Creating partnerships with rental and supply companies has ensured the best training is achieved for the membership. Companies like Kodak, Fuji, P.S. Services, Sim Video, Panavision, William F Whites and Claremont Camera have helped create a diverse education environment. Post-production facilities are also key in the education of the production process. Deluxe and Technicolour labs have been especially helpful in this process.

 Through our Member Assistance Program we are coordinating Wellness Seminars that will include stress management, balancing work and home, identifying substance abuse and its effects on everyone.