Any request for membership must provide the following criteria (list of 7) below. This list does not all necessarily apply to the Camera Trainee Program, see further below for Camera Trainee criteria detail: 

  1. Proof that the applicant has worked one hundred (100) paid days in the category over a three year period. Seventy (70) percent of the total days must be in long format production. (A paid day must be at the Provincial minimum wage or above.) 
  2. A current C.V. 
  3. A minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation including two (2) from current 667 members. These letters must be from members in the category applied to or higher. 
  4. A letter of intent. 
  5. Must be able to legally work in Canada and have residency in Canada for nine (9) months of the year. Work permits are not included in these criteria. 
  6. Must have all provincially mandated safety training. Copies of needed certificates will be submitted with the application. 
  7. For the categories of DP, Operator, Steadicam and all Electronic Camera Operating positions (including EPK) a current demo reel is required.

    Please note the more specific guidelines in the following;

    Membership Application Guidelines
    Dues:   All members are required to pay non-refundable annual base dues in order to remain as a member in good standing.  Dues invoices are issued in January to all members.  In the event of membership termination, dues refunds will not be issued.

    Camera Trainees must apply to the Camera Trainee Committee. The Committee meets annually, early in the new year to review all potential applicants. For further information please review the Training Programs for Camera Trainees link below.
    Training Program for Camera Trainees  

    Sample Camera Trainee Applicant Resume (WORD) 

    For Northern Ontario, Ottawa, and Atlantic provinces TRAINEE applicants, please contact our IATSE 667 office for more information at